About us

Sourcico was established to supply high quality, cost effective offshore software development services.

Sourcico was established to meet the growing need of highly skilled software engineers. Sourcico’s purpose is to enable you to speed-up your development pace while maintaining cost-efficiency and flexibility.

Sourcico is an international company with headquarters in Israel that includes management, administration, sales and a CTO, and offshore competence centers that include local management, technical leadership, recruiting, software engineers and quality assurance. In short

Our mission is to tailor the best fit solution, very fast and at a very competitive cost.


Sourcico's founders and directors bring a wealth of experience in leading outsourcing R&D initiatives. Their extensive expertise has been instrumental in overcoming diverse challenges across multiple projects, solidifying Sourcico as a robust and dependable operation. Our success-proven methodologies ensure fault-tolerance and drive exceptional outcomes.


CEO and Founder

With more than two decades of experience, Ilan excels as a manager, business developer, sales executive, technology enthusiast, outsourcing expert, and a prominent advocate for offshore product development. His extensive background includes delivering complex outsourcing solutions for the hi-tech industry, both in Israel and globally. Ilan's approach to service is founded on the principle of "always excelling by providing the best resources and covering all angles to ensure client satisfaction." He has leveraged his vast experience to create an optimized outsourcing system, empowering clients to achieve the forefront of technology. Through his expertise, Ilan has effectively applied the science of distributed software development across numerous organizations. Beyond his professional achievements, Ilan enjoys riding motorcycles and playing the drums.



An experienced entrepreneur and a veteran of Israel's outsourcing industry since 1995, Arik brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. His background includes serving as CEO of NGSoft, previously known as Giant Steps, a leading Israeli outsourcing services company that was acquired by BATM (LSE: BATM). Involved in the high-tech industry both as an investor and in active management roles, he has a deep understanding of the sector. Drawing on over two decades of experience with both using and providing outsourcing services, Arik has channeled this knowledge in technology and management into establishing Sourcico as an optimal offshore services organization. He earned his BSc in Electronics from Tel Aviv University, further solidifying his expertise in the field.


Founder and
CEO of Sourcico Macedonia

Ilija is an accomplished IT manager with extensive experience in Macedonia’s technology industry. He has a proven track record of successfully managing projects by identifying and hiring the right resources. Ilija has a deep understanding of the IT industry in Macedonia and South East Europe, and has hired, trained, and inspired many IT professionals. He is widely regarded as one of the top leaders in Macedonia’s technology community, having served on the MASIT executive board and the Macedonian Customs advisory board. Ilija holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology, Informatics, and Automation from the Faculty of Electrotechnics and Information Technologies at the University of “St. Cyril and Methodius” Skopje.


Head of Software Development / CTO

Wekoslav has extensive experience at technical leadership positions along with more than a decade of hand-on experience as a senior developer and team leader on various sizable projects, leading their design, implementation and delivery. His two main professional passions are making better programs, and making better programmers. Wekoslav specializes in the SDLC process, especially continuous integration and delivery, he is also an expert on Microsoft development stack. As a mentor he is also a lecturer on various programming courses and has been presenting his work on major IT conferences in Macedonia and South East Europe. Additionally, he is very active in the local IT community and on various developer groups. Wekoslav holds a Bachelor of Science at the Faculty of Electrotechnics and Information Technologies at the University of “St.Cyril and Methodius” Skopje, computer technology, informatics and automation group.



Branislav has over a decade of C-level experience in the outsourcing industry in Europe and worldwide. He was the CTO of EOS Solutions GmbH in the Balkans and a co-founder of Ever Near, a well-known European brand in software development outsourcing. He joined Sourcico to leverage his experience and expertise in outsourcing operations. He is a highly technical Java/JavaScript expert with 20+ years of global experience, involved in executing all phases of software development lifecycle in a fast-paced environment. He is an engaging communicator who can build and lead creative teams and collaborate with C-level leadership to activate development strategies. He has a broad training background with certifications in Scrum, KanBan and Project Management. Branislav believes that success in IT outsourcing organization is built on two pillars: constant growth of people in IT and making technology rock stars. He is also passionate about giving back to the local community by founding and supporting user groups related to software development, implementing Agile and Scrum processes in various organizations, teaching software development to primary and secondary school students and creating IT strategies for municipalities and NGOs. His hobbies are playing drums and IoT.

Irena Bukarica

CEO of Sourcico Serbia

Irena is an experienced IT manager with a broad technical background. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Belgrade, she has been continuously enriching her experience. She has held a range of positions, from developer, technology lead, project manager roles to being product owner. In addition to her technical strengths, Irena specializes in identifying potential resources, recruiting, interviewing and managing organizations.

We empower our clients to achieve rapid and cost-effective market entry.

Our mission

We empower our clients to achieve rapid and cost-effective market entry.

Sourcico was founded with the mission of delivering high-quality and cost-effective offshore software development services. We recognized the increasing demand for highly skilled software engineers and established Sourcico to meet that need. Our goal is to empower you to accelerate your development pace while maintaining cost-efficiency and flexibility.

As an international company based in Israel, Sourcico boasts a comprehensive setup that includes headquarters with management, administration, sales, and a CTO. Additionally, our offshore competence centers are equipped with local management, technical leadership, recruiting, software engineers, and quality assurance teams. This setup enables us to provide tailored solutions quickly and at competitive costs.

Our mission is to deliver the best-fit solution efficiently and at a highly competitive price point.


We have chosen our location of competence centers based on three criteria:

  • Young, growing and healthy industries with great academic institutes
  • Extensive talent pool
  • Affordable salaries

Skopje, Macedonia

Our competence center in Macedonia benefits from a substantial talent pool comprising approximately 6,000 highly skilled engineers in Skopje. Located in a welcoming and picturesque country, Macedonia boasts a rapidly growing economy, ranking third in growth rate in Europe in 2014, with a particular focus on the thriving IT industry. Supported by a vibrant community of developers, the center offers convenient proximity, with short flight distances and just a one-hour time zone difference from Israel.

Belgrade, Serbia

Bordering Macedonia, Serbia became the natural choice for our second competence center. With a flourishing community of software developers and engineers and a strong legacy of excellence, Serbia proved to be the perfect location for our expansion. The Republic of Serbia is widely acclaimed not only for its captivating natural beauty, diverse gastronomic offerings, and vibrant nightlife but also as one of the markets boasting the region's most exceptional programmers.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Our Israeli branch is strategically situated in Tel Aviv, catering primarily to the thriving Israeli high-tech industry. We proudly serve both well-established clients and dynamic startups with our comprehensive range of services. In Tel Aviv, our operations encompass management, sales, and administration, ensuring close proximity and seamless support for our valued clientele.

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