Sourcico team building trip 2023


We’re still buzzing with excitement after an incredible weekend we had at the beginning of July in Mavrovo for Sourcico’s traditional team-building trip! ?️✨

We also took this opportunity to recognize our outstanding colleagues who reached significant work anniversaries and reward them for their unwavering dedication and expertise! Their contributions have played a vital role in shaping our success. An important part of our award ceremony is the awards for the Sourcico Rookie of the Year as well as the Sourcico MVP award. Two of our colleagues were awarded for their exceptional skills and outstanding contributions. Well done!
On Sunday, we had a chance to visit the Sharkova Dupka Cave in Mavrovo. The beauty and wonder of the cave left us in awe, further deepening our connection as a team.

Cheers to another great team-building trip and the remarkable individuals who make our team shine! Here’s to another incredible year filled with growth, success, and endless possibilities!

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